When someone asks, is there “good comedy shows in Sacramento,” my first response is a nodding. There’s tons of great comedy! Of course, the better question is, “what are you looking for?”

When I know your comedy tastes, I know what to suggest. Let me be your comedy guide. I am your comedy sherpa guiding you up a hilarious mountain.


First, do you like improv? Improv comedy develops on the spot. Improv Comedy on the spot is daring, exciting, and raw. If you’re looking for characters, stories, and quirky, I suggest Your F@#$%! Up Relationship at Blacktop on  Friday night. Every Friday, 8 pm this is good comedy in Sacramento. Sometimes a local celebrity is interviewed, or an audience member feels like recalling one of their most hilarious F@#$%! Up relationships.  The cast of professional comedians listen and use the story for inspiration for improv scenes. This live comedy on Friday nights has exploded in popularity because you never know what you will get!  Every night is different, because every interview is new.

Blacktop Comedy is also reintroducing Lit Up in July. Don’t miss this live show every Saturday night. Local authors give the Blacktop Cast the first page of their most recent work. The cast has never read the work, continues the story after the first page has been read. The cast has only the title and the first page to draw inspiration from. Everything else is improvised.

Are you looking for great Sacramento stand up comedy? Stop into Blacktop on a Saturday night and catch some of the best stand ups in Sacramento. In July Blacktop is welcoming Real Lives Comedians to their stages. With Real Live Comedians, you’ll get 90 minutes of live stand-up comedy action and other assorted funny business from some of the best talents out there. Brought to you by producer-performer Jason Mack, each show features a different host and selection of comics, plus stand-up from Mack himself, whose charmingly awkward persona and dark but silly humor has quickly won over audiences. Get ready to laugh ’til it hurts when this comedy showcase takes the stage Blacktop and has regularly been appearing at the Punch Line in San Francisco.

Youth and Teen Programs Blacktop Comedy Theater in Rocklin

Good comedy in Sacramento isn’t just stand-up and improv, though. Sometimes, you’re looking for a scripted theater. Well, I would strongly suggest going to the Rocklin Community Theater. Their lineup of shows in the past couple years include Hairspray, Urinetown, and more. In the next couple months, The Rocklin Community Theater will be bringing Legally Blonde to the stage. They do incredible work. Just a small portion of the good comedy in Sacramento! The comedy community is actually growing in Sacramento. You are definitely in the right spot for live entertainment.


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